Online Report System

Schools taking the following Datamaths examinations can use our Online Report System to download examination reports and materials.
・HKDSE Post-Mock Examination (Compulsory Part)
・HKDSE Post-Mock Examination (Elective Module 1)
・HKDSE Post-Mock Examination (Elective Module 2)
・Datamaths Follow-up Mock Examination
・HKDSE Pre-Mock Examination

To use the Online Report System, please follow the steps below.
1. Get an account. During examination enrolment, your school should provide the email address of the teacher-in-charge. This address is the username. If your school has not provided the email address, please contact us.
2. For new user, please set the password. Refer to the user guide for more details.
3. Sign in your account. Use the Sign In button at the top menu bar here to open the sign in page.

A school may assign a teacher as an administrator. The school administrator can add, remove and edit the rights of the accounts of his/her school. Please contact us if you want to assign a school administrator. Refer to the user guide for more details. 

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